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How It Works

Each quarter, every member puts forward $100 and we vote on a worthy cause to support. Collectively we donate $10,000 per quarter and $40,000 annually to charities across Canada.

Find a Mortgage Broker

Looking to work with a mortgage professional who cares? Have a look through our members listings. We are proud to say that our members can be found all across Canada.

Charity or Cause

In addition to raising $40,000 annually for charity and special causes, our mandate is to use this website to showcase charities and causes in order to increase awareness of needs across Canada. Check back often!

100 Brokers Who Care Membership

If you’ve seen the 100 Brokers Badge in an email signature or on a website and you’re here to see what we’re all about… welcome, thanks for taking the time!

100 Brokers Who Care is a group of Canadian mortgage professionals who have joined together with the goal of raising $40,000 annually for Canadian charities and causes. Our mandate is simple: to find 100 members who donate $400 per year, so we can give $40,000 nationally to deserving causes who may or may not have charitable status.

Our goal is to provide support to people, causes, organizations, non-profits, or charities as we become aware of opportunities.


100 Brokers Who Care is not affiliated with any of the other movements that have a similar name. We simply loved the concept, took it, added our unique flavour, and moved forward in the spirit of collective giving. Big shoutout to the group in Halifax that originally ran with the idea!

Join the 100

We are currently seeking more members to join our ranks. Please note that membership will be reserved for a total of 100 mortgage brokers.


Want to learn more about some of the charities and causes we have previously supported? Why not have a look at our blog.

We believe that being charitable shouldn’t be limited by whether or not you receive a tax receipt.

Total Brokers Who Care

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How Much We Care

There is no capped Membership at 100 Brokers!  We are soon branching into Regional Chapters across the country.  Join today!
Last Updated September 1st, 2021 – 9:49 am PST.

Board Members

The board is responsible for reviewing all applications received per quarter and making 3 recommendations for members to vote on. The charity or cause that receives the most votes from the membership then receives $100 from each broker. The goal is 100 brokers, $100 each, $10,000 raised for a great cause!

Hear more about 100 Brokers

with Sabeena Bubber and Jason Henneberry

Know Of A Worthy Cause?

We are completely member driven and for a cause to be considered for financial support, a member of 100 Brokers Who Care must make the nomination. Our members aren’t simply interested in throwing money into a pot once a quarter to feel good about themselves, they are looking for ways to become involved in their local communities. They are interested in, and may want to volunteer, sponsor or serve on a board or committee.

If you have or are aware of a cause that is worthy of support, we suggest you connect with one of the 100 Brokers Who Care. However it should be noted that unsolicited emails or phone calls simply looking for support are unacceptable. We believe in relationships and networking, and we would love to get to know you, and for you to get to know us!


Lana Russell
Mortgage Professional

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