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Making a Difference Together

Thanks for showing interest in joining 100Brokers Who Care. The idea of 100 people coming together to make a difference in their local community isn’t a new one. One of the first meetings was in Halifax in 2014 with 100 Men Who Give A Damn, from there the idea has spread across the country, throughout the US, and even internationally.

The premise is simple enough, 100 people get together quarterly for a 1 hour meeting to hear from 3 charities, the membership votes and each member then donates $100 to the charity that receives the most votes, raising $10,000 in one day. Each year, in 4 hours, $40,000 is raised and donated to local charities.

100 Brokers Who Care (A History)

So how did the 100Brokers Who Care come about? Well actually, it came about quite quickly. In August of 2015, Scott Peckford of ILMB fame and a member of 100 Men Kelowna was talking with Jackson Middleton of KiltedMedia about a way to take the 100 Men concept and make it a broker initiative. The idea would be for mortgage brokers across Canada to make a difference by supporting charities and causes.

At almost the same time, Sabeena Bubber had a friend who was going through every parent’s nightmare, dealing with the loss of her daughter. This seemed like an excellent cause for 100Brokers Who Care to support. Sabeena started a GoFundMe page that received over $25k in support, with over $7k of that coming from mortgage brokers Canada wide. A Facebook group was started, and the positive response from brokers about this initiative has been overwhelming.

Since then we have spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how this initiative could work for mortgage brokers. It seems the real benefit of the “100 Groups” concept is that people of a similar background come together to support a charity. The following is what we propose the group look like, however the goal is for brokers to get involved, and really take ownership. We are very flexible and want this to be member driven.

How We Are Different

Here is a list of some of the adaptations to the 100 Groups model that we suggest to accommodate the size and scope of our initiative.

Organization Structure

First of all, most of the “100 Groups” are local, affiliation is through geographic location instead of profession. Most groups are based around cities or regions. This allows members to have four in person meetings annually where charities can come and present, allowing members to vote in person. Administration is easy as cheques can be written on the spot.

As we are organized by profession instead of geographically, 100Brokers Who Care will have to remain a national initiative unless we can grow into four regions, BC, The Prairies, Eastern Canada, and Atlantic Canada.This would be a great objective, as each region could have up to 100 Brokers in it’s membership and we could support more local initiatives. In total, our goal is to have 400 Brokers who care, donating $160,000 annually to causes or charities through local regions. However until that time, we are very happy to represent brokers across Canada and support national initiatives.

Of course, as a national initiative, rather than meeting in person quarterly, all of our correspondence happens online, using this website as the hub.

Costs Involved

Many of the “100 Groups” pride themselves not only in how much money they donate to local charities, but also in how much they don’t spend on administration. Many of the groups go as far as calling themselves non-groups, or non-organizations. All work is done on a volunteer basis and all money raised goes to the charity.

Now, obviously that is a fantastic goal, however as our membership is spread out across Canada, meeting in person isn’t feasible and some costs will have to be incurred. So in order to keep costs to a minimum we propose the following:

Each broker will be responsible for the following costs in order to join membership.

  • $400 annual donation to be distributed at $100 per quarter directly to charity.
  • $100 Initial Setup Fee (one time) for website profile and marketing materials.

So in order to become a member of 100Broker Who Cares, it will cost you $500 in the first year, and $400 every following year.


Now, without stepping on anyone’s toes here, one of the biggest problems of relying completely on volunteers for long term projects like this is that life circumstances change and assurances of ongoing involvement can’t be made. Building a website is one thing, dedicating time to maintaining it and keeping it up to date over a period of many years is another. This website was built by, at no cost to the members, however the administration costs associated with running the site long term will be covered by the annual membership fees as an up to date website is crucial to connecting with people.

By charging members an initial $100 setup fee, this covers the cost of building an individual landing page for each broker with unlimited lifetime updates to the content on that page. Change brokerage, no problem, your page will be updated accordingly. Pages will include a headshot, brief bio, contact form, contact information, and information about charitable initiatives they are involved in locally.

The website serves two purposes, firstly it acts as a member directory, showcasing brokers, across Canada, working together, making a difference. Secondly, it is our “online meeting place” where we share charitable initiatives on the blog, find causes to support and invite our networks to join us in charitable giving.

Marketing Materials

In addition to keeping the website up to date with the latest news about how we have been supporting local charities, your initial setup fee and annual membership help contribute to the ongoing creation of materials to be used in your personal marketing. We have developed a collection of badges for email signatures and websites, that will identify you as part of the group.

Even though we are starting out as a national initiative, each region has materials to make affiliation appear more local, we will have a very active website and will provide you with a blog post to share with your social media circles every quarter that indicates you are part of an initiative that has donated money to local charity. We leverage the power of the group to put forward some impressive numbers nationwide, while still being relevant and making an impact locally.

Choosing Causes to Support

It seems that if you look at how other “100 Groups” select charities or causes, you will find 100 different ways of doing it. Some groups allow charities to self-nominate, some only allow member-nominations, while some have boards who choose a short list to present to membership. Some go as far as choosing from a hat.

We believe that the causes or charities being put forward should be done so by membership. Our businesses are run on relationship, so are most charitable initiatives. Our goal is to not only provide an outlet for our members to be charitable, but for our members to look for opportunities in their local communities to get involved beyond what we do here at 100Brokers Who Care. And hopefully those worlds can collide. As our members propose causes close to their hearts, they can share the vision and make the case for their charity.

If you are looking to nominate a charity, please use this form right here. The nominations will then go to the board, where the board will select 3 charities to propose to the membership for support. Members will then vote online, and the charity with the most votes will receive all money raised in that quarter.


With all this said, our goal is to be flexible and to represent the wishes of our membership. As we grow in members and if we grow into regional boards, we are open to making changes that reflect the wishes of our membership. The goal is to work together, and we can only accomplish that when we are open to making changes for the better.

Thanks for your interest in joining 100Brokers who Care.