100Brokers Members voted and we are very pleased to announce that we will be sending a cheque in the amount of $4,050 to Charmaine Scherck, Recipient of the 1st Quarter vote of 2021.

Thank you to Marci Deane and Mary Grace Tatangelo for bringing this Cause to our attention.

Nomination Story

Charmaine is one of the most beautiful, loving and caring souls you will ever meet or know. She is also a well-known Mortgage Broker and owner of The Mortgage Centre located in Vernon, BC.

On Sept 17th, Charmaine suffered a spinal cord stroke, which had left her paralyzed from the chest down.

She awoke that morning and was getting ready for work when she started experiencing heart attack like symptoms. She asked her partner Jason to take her to the hospital right away (which turns out was the smartest thing she could have done as she could have likely sustained more damage had she not been treated right away).

All doctors have told her that she is a bit of a mystery as to why this has happened. At this point, they have confirmed Charmaine suffered a Spinal Cord stroke and she has also been diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome (which is an autoimmune disease where your body can essentially attack itself). Charmaine is currently being overlooked by a team of specialists who are looking at her case.

She just underwent a mouth biopsy this past week to see if she may have Sjodrens a rare disease. With multiple other tests that have ruled out negative.

Charmaine continues daily to work against the paralysis by doing rehab two times a day. Her strength and positivity is truly an inspiration. She is adamant she will walk again soon.

At the start of this journey, Charmaine was unable to move her lower extremity at all. She has been completely dedicated to the recovery of her legs and since has regained some movement on her right side. She has a long journey ahead of her with ongoing rehab and learning to walk again.

Along with all of this has come some financial pressure. Her home will have to be modified to accommodate a wheel chair and other modifications so that she can move and manage her daily activities. She also needs to focus more on her health and less on her mortgage business (which is hard for her as she truly loves everything about the business). All of this brings financial pressure and stress for Charmaine and her family and I know they could really use our support.

Our main goal is to help pay for some work to her home so she can stay there and continue more extensive rehab close to her family, friends and her community.

Anyone who knows Charmaine well, knows she is a beautiful, spiritual soul that gives in any way she can to her community in Vernon. She has had an essential care team in Vernon (Friends) who have spent countless hours on providing meals to her and Jason to ensure she is eating excellent food to help her heal.

She is truly overwhelmed by the support and love of everyone around her supporting her through this. Our hope is that 100 Brokers Who Care can help boost the financial aid she needs and in a small way relieve some of the immediate pressure and stress for Charmaine and her family.

She has so much gratitude from her heart and wishes to Thank everyone for being a part of her recovery!