100Brokers Members voted and we’re very pleased to announce that we will be sending a cheque in the amount of $1,900 to The Charlemagne Family, our Recipient for the 3rd Quarter vote of 2019.

Nomination Story
Yves was a member of our very own Broker Community. He was a well liked, loved actually, Mortgage Broker based in Oakville, Ontario who had an easy smile and a genuine concern for the well being of everyone around him. “Although I’d only met him a handful of times he had an impact on me” says Dustan Woodhouse.

He was a genuine nice guy and left behind are his two children and wife and due to the nature of this passing, any life insurance may be in question.

Yves passed away, a victim of suicide. Something we blessedly find difficult to accept or understand. All any of us can ask is that we never do truly understand beyond the simple fact that it’s the result of an ailment like any other affecting an organ unlike any other.

Thank you to Dustan Woodhouse for bringing this Cause to our attention.

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