100Brokers Members voted and we’re very pleased to announce that we will be sending a cheque in the amount of $10,000 to the Robichaud Family, our Recipient of the 3rd Quarter vote of 2019.

While still on the tail end of a brain tumour battle for young Brielle, Mama Trish now faces a battle against her own breast cancer journey.

From Angela Epp on behalf of the Robichaud Family ~ “Well, we handed over the cheque this morning to the Robichaud family. Tears were streaming and everyone was happy. Young Brielle had the biggest smile on her face the whole time, and I think that she liked to be the one to get to hold the cheque for the picture too. 🙂

I was able to explain to the kids that there were this group of people who help families with home financing that wanted to come together to be able to bless a family in need. We knew that their family had been through so much and that they could use just a little bit of an extra blessing to help make it through.

The money for them is going to mean the ability to make the next few months of mortgage payments while Trish recovers from her chemo.

As I mentioned before, Nick had been struggling with the idea of whether to stay at his long term job, which gave the ability to be home every night, attend medical appointments with the family, etc, or whether he would need to look for something in the oilfield to compensate for the lack of household income with Trish being sick. Their family has a strong Christian faith and he reports that God told him to stay the course, be there for his family physically and emotionally, and He (the big man above) would take care of the financial. Our group has been an answer to prayer and the hands and feet on this earth to do miracles in people’s lives.

They thank us very much for the selfless act of giving to help their family in this time of need.

Thank you Sabeena for spearheading this group and being a channel of blessing for families such as this. May you in turn be blessed.”

Nomination Story
A family battling against all odds. In January 2015, 3 year old Brielle Robichaud was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Emergency surgery was performed to attempt to remove the tumour, but the doctors could not get all of it, as it was too close to the hyperthalamus. Bri underwent a year and a half of chemo until the young age of 5. The tumour is still present and the family goes for regular checkups and MRI’s every three months to monitor it’s development. During this time, life goes on and the family tries to cope with the medical expenses and the multiple days off and trips to the hospital. The Robichaud’s welcomed a new baby to the family, making them a beautiful family of 6.

As Mama Trish was getting ready to celebrate her 40th birthday, a routine breast examine found a lump and another battle began. The biopsy came back as positive for breast cancer, which had also spread to the lymph nodes. They took immediate action and started chemotherapy. Trish lost all of her beautiful blond hair, but has been blessed with a wig to face her days. She has a double mastectomy scheduled, followed by an intense period of radiation. Looking for assistance to help this family out with their next battle.

Thank you to Angela Epp for bringing this Cause to our attention.

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