Nice things our Recipients, Broker Community and Members have to say


Saving Savanna Update

How does it feel knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of people who really need our help?

Earlier this year, we gave $10,000 to the cause for Saving Savanna. Savanna was the little girl who went from “normal” to Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer and was in the fight for her life at the tender age of 22 months. 

I am so happy to report that we heard from the family of Saving Savanna and Savanna is CANCER FREE!

Our funds were able to provide her parents the ability to be by Savanna’s side while she was in this fight.

Thank you to all the members for the impact that you made in the lives of this family and all the other families.

Sincerely, Sabeena Bubber
on behalf of
The 100 Brokers Board



“Thank you so much for thinking of us and submitting our family for the 100 Brokers Who Care grant. It was a wave of positivity and support that we needed. It’s been incredibly challenging fighting through this and knowing that a group of complete strangers had a group discussion & selected us means so much. Please pass our love to the rest of the team!”

Lucy, Scott & Laura Van Kendall


Dustan Woodhouse delivered a cheque to the Charlemagne family, Recipient of our 3rd Quarter Vote for 2019. Please take a moment to watch this video.

“The impact of this group is real, it’s meaningful, it’s profound, and each of you that contributes financially each year needs to know this.

Dustan Woodhouse, AMP, Dominion Lending Centres Canadian Mortgage Experts.


​”The cheque delivery was incredible. Really hard to describe actually. The Glover family was so humbled and gracious but the their anguish was palatable. They are trying to stay positive but received some bad news last Friday. A few weeks back, John had ended his the first round (three months) of chemo treatments and had a new scan done. The ideal result was that the tumours (four!) would have shrunk and he could have surgery to remove them. Unfortunately the opposite has happened… they have grown. He now faces more tests to see if the cancer has spread / metastasized, another three months of intensive chemo and then another scan. Hoping once again they will have shrunk and can be surgically removed. I am staying in touch with them and will keep you posted. The gift from 100 Brokers That Care was a bright light in a very dark time. They are extremely thankful and so am I!”

Hali Strandlund, SVP, Residential Mortgage Investments & Broker Relations, Fisgard Capital


“We got our chair on Thursday… Dom falls asleep pretty quickly once he’s comfortable laying on the new chair, so it’s been really nice to have for him. We have much more support for holding him properly in his new chair. He is really comfy on our laps in the new chair, so thank you so much. We wouldn’t be able to afford to get this if it wasn’t for the money all you amazing brokers gave us!! We appreciate it SO much!”

Hannah Vest & Shawn Ellis, Recipients of 100 Brokers Who Care’s second quarter vote.


“I want to personally thank 100 Brokers Who Care for the generous donation they were able to provide to a nominated colleague of mine. Seeing how quickly 100 Brokers Who Care were able to receive the nomination and provide funds to a person in need was amazing. As we never know what challenges life will throw at us, it is nice to see a group taking the time and initiative to make a difference in someone’s life. I am extremely grateful a group like this is around. Keep up the good work!!!”

Jenna Dreyer, Manager, TD Mortgage Solutions.


“100 Brokers Who Care is a wonderful charity filled with brokers who truly care about our community and the people in it. They have made a difference in several people’s lives that are going through extremely tough times. 100 Brokers Who Care recently helped a friend that is in the mortgage industry that suddenly become very ill and was near death. With the financial support she was given, she is able to focus on her recovery without a financial burden hanging over her head.” 

Kristina VanDokkumburg, Underwriting Manager, Xeva Mortgage.


“Thank you and wow!  I was shocked and overwhelmed with emotion when I found out that I had been nominated and then won.  It has humbled me to see how so many people have come together to help me in my hour of need and to help me get well without the financial worry.  I never expected in million years that I would get so ill that I would end up being put on life support.  The emotional and financial stress has taken a large toll along with the stress of trying to get well.  However, knowing there are people out there with huge hearts supporting their communities has uplifted me.  I sincerely want to thank everyone from a 100 Brokers Who Care, you’ve given me an unforgettable gift.”  

Karen Hope, Recipient of 100 Brokers Who Care, March 2017 




“The best part of 100 Brokers Who Care, without a doubt, is its grassroots focus. Every quarter the brokers involved vote on a local charity or persons/family a supporting broker has nominated. The brokers then vote on their charity of choice. The donations are collected regularly and the impactful is quick and meaningful. The stories are real and heartfelt. The smiles on the recipients’ faces say it all. For those who receive the charitable gift and for those who donate, the feeling is mutual: gratitude, community, support and connection. I support the nomination for 100 Brokers Who Care presented by the Canadian Mortgage Awards for Best Community Service Effort 2016 because they embody the spirit in which this award was created.”

Megan McDonald, VP Sales, MCAP.


“The Team at 100 Brokers Who Care has done something pretty cool. They have taken a relatively new phenomenon, Crowd Funding, and brought it to the mortgage industry, with the idea of doing good for the communities we live in and support. Each quarter they support important initiatives such as the Canadian Mental Health Association or as specific as individual families in or out of the mortgage industry who are struggling with tough personal situations. The great thing is the group is non-denominational, so people from all walks of the industry have gotten involved to do good. Kudos to them for their efforts.”

Dan Pultr, AMP, VP, British Columbia, The Mortgage Group.


“I think 100 Brokers Who Care should win the best community service award because, unlike most online communities, where people simply click a LIKE on something to show their support. 100 Brokers Who care is actually making a real tangible difference by raising small sums of money from many caring brokers they are able to make a much bigger difference. It is the ultimate form of community, many hands working together to help someone in need.” 

Scott Peckford, I Love Mortgage Brokering


“I just wanted to send a quick note to all of you involved with 100 Mortgage Brokers Who Care for your generous donation to Karen Hope.  As you know, Karen has been going through a very difficult time, and I cannot express to all of you how much your gift means not only to Karen bot our entire First National team.

I would particularly like to thank both Marc Lalonde and Jenna Dreyer for nominating Karen.

Unfortunately, sometimes we tend to get so wrapped up in our everyday lives we sometimes lose perspective about what is really important in life.  We also sometimes tend to focus on negative aspects of our lives, and forget that there are very caring and generous people out there who strive to make a difference in other people’s lives every day.  Your  donation is an indication of the good work that people do all around us,  and we are thankful for that as well.

The following is a message to all of you that Karen wanted to pass on:

“I would like to thank everyone who is part of a 100 Brokers Who Care.  It has humbled me to realize just how many people are out there who care and who are willing to help, even if they don’t know me personally.  My road to recovery is going to be long but I’m determined to get my strength and my life back.  Your generous gift will help me do just that.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Thank you again from all of us, and keep up the great work!”

Larry Bond, Regional Sales Manager BC, First National Financial LP


“As Founder & CEO of VERICO Canada, as well as a member of 100 Brokers Who Care, it is my pleasure to congratulate Sabeena on her community service efforts over the recent year. Over the 10+ years Sabeena has been with the VERICO network we have celebrated her many business accomplishments. She has been named by CMP Magazine, several years running, as one of the Top 75 Brokers in the Canadian marketplace, as a Women of Influence, and also in recent years, a CMA Finalist for Broker of the Year. This year, in addition to celebrating Sabeena making a difference with her clients, and as a leader in our industry, we also celebrate her for her philanthropic efforts with 100 Brokers Who Care.  She has followed through on her vision to lead a group of brokers from an array of companies and networks to pay forward our collective good fortunes to serve those in need. I am proud to be a member of 100 Brokers Who Care, and can say with utmost certainty, Sabeena’s caring, generosity, and vision make a difference in our industry and now beyond.” 

Colin Dreyer, CEO, VERICO Canada


“I am so happy to support and be a part of 100 Brokers who Care. When Sabeena Bubber came up with this concept and reached out to me a few years ago it was a “no brainer”. Getting the industry to come together and do something meaningful really resonated with me. I absolutely love the concept and the people who have stepped up to support this are the best in our industry. Being a part of the Board has been and honour and a privilege. We have supported some amazing causes already and I cannot wait to see what will happen down the road as our membership grows. It is so nice to see something positive from our world of Mortgage Brokering. 

Congratulations to Sabeena on spearheading such a great cause and making this happen! Her hard work and dedication to something like this during a time when our industry has been beyond busy, is appreciated and commended. I know it was not easy to rally support and I truly appreciate the work to get this done. Not only do the charities/causes we support benefit, but this effort has helped to shift the focus in our industry to something good, positive and meaningful…..beyond just generating mortgage deals every day! Bravo Sabeena!!!” 

Marci Deane, Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Architects


“I am part of 100 Brokers Who Care because I love the idea of working with fellow brokers to raise funds for those in need. By working as a group, we can do so much more for someone than on our own. It also brings attention to much smaller causes, ie, helping real people who are struggling with an issue. There are no runs or big charities helping those people out and I love the personal touch the group allows us to have. It was a really neat idea to start the group, something I had not seen in my 22 years in this business. Kudos to Sabeena and the others for starting a group to show brokers do care. We care about the everyday people out there who are chugging through life not asking for help.” 

Jessica Whyte, B.A., President, Reliable Mortgages Inc.


“Sabeena, this has been a great effort to be a part of. Thank you for your instrumental role in making it happen. But then ‘making it happen’ is what you are all about. Thanks for including me in an opportunity to play a larger role in helping out.”

Dustan Woodhouse, AMP, Dominion Lending Centres Canadian Mortgage Experts.


I joined 100 Brokers because the idea of donating to a local cause appealed to me. It makes perfect sense to give back to the community that has given so much to me. The feeling I get knowing that we are making a difference to someone who really needs our help is overwhelming. Thank you for letting me be a part of this group!”

Carol Malloch, AMP, Mortgage Depot Verico.


“For me, 100 Brokers Who Care is a way of expressing the values of the broker community and giving back in a caring way.”

Camilo Rodriguez, Mortgage Broker, MortgagesLab.


“Working in the brokerage industry is exciting, challenging and always busy. Being part of 100 Brokers allows myself and my firm to give back to our community as well as build lifelong relationships, new friendships, new colleagues and the distinct impact of helping those who may not have the necessary means to help themselves. We come together as a group for our community. Giving back is among the most important and valuable things an entrepreneur can do. Being part of 100 Brokers allows us to give back as a network. This is why I think 100 Brokers should win Best Community Service Effort of the Year.”

Nitesh Prakash, President, Blue Pearl Mortgage Group.


“I am pleased to be a member of 100 Brokers Who Care. We are often caught up in our busy lives and forget that many people around us are struggling to cope with difficult and unfortunate situations. I love the idea that I can be a part of helping so many people. As a collaborative group, we get to decide where our money is most needed and where we would like to direct it. I can only imagine how appreciative the families are who receive our gift. 

I am grateful to the members of our group who have volunteered their time and energy in managing the site. Thank you to Sabeena, Scott and Jackson who took the time to launch this amazing charity.”

Anne Walker, Broker, The Mortgage Group.


“Sabeena Bubber had the crazy idea that if a bunch of brokers, across all brands and brokerages, came together they could make a meaningful difference in someone’s life. It was the first initiative that crossed all brands and companies and brought brokers together around a single common cause. I think Sabeena deserves to be recognized for being the catalyst that is making a real difference in her community.” 

Scott Peckford, I Love Mortgage Brokering


“I’d like to commend Sabeena for her initiative in launching the 100 Brokers Who Care – her recognition for the need and opportunity of our industry to provide more than just assistance in mortgages is commendable and highly respected by myself and fellow peers. 

I decided to join the initiative and assist in adding other brokers to the project after recognizing the professional manner in which they were conducting the group, the website and other respected board members – it was clear this was well organized and could see the passion Sabeena was bringing and that this would really have a great impact on those in need. 

Gives me such pride to be part of the Broker network involved with this and cannot give enough gratitude for having been invited to participate.  Thank you and I look forward to the next quarter submissions and watching what great things we can do as a whole! “

James Loewen, Broker and Owner of Loewen Group Mortgages


“Sabeena Bubber is truly a person who holds to the mantra when the “going gets tough, the tough get going”. Whatever challenges she faces she always overcomes in a selfless manor. With being nominated as a finalist for Broker of the year twice, throughout her career she has shown time and time again her dedication and positive attitude towards her business, as well as the industry at large. She continually helps this industry grow by making a difference and shedding a positive light on brokers. With that being said she is one of the founding members of 100 Brokers Who Care, an intuitive to help give back to others in need. Doing all this while being a busy mom and still finding a balance to be with her children is exemplary. I believe this charity and Sabeena should be recognized for creating a charity that is having such a positive impact in peoples lives, as well as showing the public how much our industry cares and wants to give back.”

Trevor Hansen – CEO, Xeva Mortgage


“I have personally known Sabeena for over 10 years and till this day she is one of the most genuine, kind and loving people I know. I won’t forget when she first told me about the idea to start 100 Brokers Who Care, she had a friend who had just lost her child and Sabeena’s initial instinct was to do what she could emotionally and financially to help her. This was when 100 Brokers Who Care came about. Sabeena changed her friend’s life by being able to support her in this time of need. I am in awe of her inspiration and dedication to helping others. Sabeena herself is a hard-working mother of two girls who are her life. Not only is she a mother she is one of the best Mortage Brokers in this industry. She looks after the needs of her clients as well as gives back to her community by her charity work and desire to help people in need. She has a strong passion and desire to help others around her and she has put that into building this amazing charity. Sabeena is deserving of this award.”

Luisa Hough, Partner, Xeva Mortgage


“Sabeena Bubber is ONE GIANT HEART.  If you want somebody to be your cheerleader, to cry with you, to protect you, to defend you and to mother you, just go to her, and you will get all the love that you need and then some. It is no wonder she is the founder of 100 Brokers Who Care, because nobody could care more about this cause, and the cause of the family/people/associations that this organization supports more than Sabeena.

 I truly believe that winning this category would only mean more caring and bigger contribution from Sabeena.  Nobody else deserves to win this category more than her and 100 Brokers Who Care.”

Bernadette Laxamana, Partner, Xeva Mortgage


“Being part of the 100 Brokers who care was a very easy decision for me and my family.  For the annual cost equivalent to one appraisal, I have been part of a group who has made a massive difference in our local communities for very specific causes.  I have been able to not only contribute, but nominate and follow the stories of people right here in our own back yards.  Recently my cause was selected as the winner and after speaking to a close friend of the recipient I discovered that this contribution will have an even deeper impact than originally thought.  Any broker who has the ability to be part of this program should be without question.”

Marc Lalonde, Mortgage Professional, DLC